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Campus Life Clubs!

We are in many schools in the area, check below to see if we are in your school. Meeting students where they are at and having a great time doing it! Join us at the club at your school! 

We are always adding new clubs! If we are not in your school yet, keep checking back to see if we were able to add a club in your school! 


To stay up to date on event info and cancellations please Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @yfcem and also join a remind group for your school.

Each of our schools has its own Remind texting group to keep you updated!

To join: Text the number 81010. The message is the code listed with each school.


Anchor Bay High School

Mondays, Lunchroom E100 @ 10:15AM

Remind Code @yfcab


Wednesdays, Room 156 @ Lunch 

Remind Code @yfcal

Armada High Schoo

Tuesdays, TBD @ 10:35AM 

Remind Code @yfca


Cros-lex High School  

Wednesdays, Room 216 @ 7:30AM 

Remind Code @yfcclh


Dakota High School 

Thursdays, Room 126 @ 2:20PM

Remind Code @yfcdh


Eisenhower High School 

Wednesdays, Room 131 @ 2:20PM 

Remind Code @cleisen

Endeavor Middle School  

Tuesdays, Room 104 @ 3:05PM

Remind Code @yfcems


Fort Gratiot Middle School  

Information Coming Soon!!

Remind Code @yfcfgms

Henry Ford II High School 

Mondays, Room 113 @ 2:20PM 

Remind Code @yfchf

L’Anse Creuse High School North  

Tuesdays, Room 146 @ 10:20AM 

Remind Code @yfclch

L’Anse Creuse Middle School East  

Mondays, Conference Room @ 3:00PM 

Remind Code @yfclcme

L’Anse Creuse Middle School North  

Mondays, Media Center @ 3:10PM 

Remind Code @yfclcmn

Landmark Middle School 

Mondays @ Lunch 

7th/8th–Room 136; 6th–Room 112 

Remind Code @yfclmms

Landmark High School  

Tuesdays, Conference Room @ Lunch 

Remind Code @yfclhs

Malow Junior High 


Remind Code @yfcmal

Marysville High School  

Mondays, Room 213 @ 3:00PM 

 Remind Code @yfcmh

Marysville Middle School  

Thursday, Old Cafeteria @ 3:00PM

Remind Code @clmms

Merritt Academy High School  

Tuesdays, Room 106 @ 12:50PM 

Remind Code @yfcmhs

Merritt Academy Middle School  

Tuesdays, Room 113 @ 11:45AM 

Remind Code @yfcmer

New Haven High School 

Tuesdays, Univ. Center Room 1 @ 2:20PM 

Remind Code @yfcnh

New Life Christian Academy 

Wednesdays, Room 304 @ Lunch 

Remind Code @yfcnla

Port Huron High School  

Mondays, Media Center @ Lunch 

Remind Code @yfcphhcl

Port Huron Northern High School  

Thursdays, Room 302 @ Lunch 

Remind Code @yfcphn

Richmond High School 

Fridays, Tropical Smoothie Cafe  @ 2:30PM 

Remind Code @yfcrich

Romeo High School 

Wednesdays, Room 201 @ 6:45AM 

Remind Code @yfcrh

Seneca Middle School 

Tuesdays, Room 108 @ 2:45PM 

Remind Code @yfcseneca

Shelby Junior High 

Wednesdays, Drama Room @ 3:05PM

Remind Code @clshel

Yale High School 

Thursdays, Conference Room @ Lunch 

Remind Code @yfcyh

Yale Junior High 

Tuesdays, Room 101 @ Lunch 

Remind Code @yfcyjh

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