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Student 1


This student's mother asked for prayer for her student to find Christian friends and to make wise choices.

General 1


Pray that our alumni

would continue to pursue

a relationship with Jesus

and get connected local

churches and groups.

Student 4


Fear of losing scholarship.

General 4


Pray that we will be able to

resume in-person ministry in schools. 

Student 2



Health Issues

Lack of money for


General 2


Pray for our student's

mental health. COVID

isolation has taken a toll.

Student 5


Protection during travel

during mid-winter break.

General 5


Focus & motivation for the final stretch for the class of 2022.

Student 3


Guidance for what college

to go to.

General 3


We are currently without

an executive director.

Pray for guidance in finding the right person.

Student 6


Balancing life at home

and at school.

General 6


Protection from COVID and healing for those with COVID.