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Thanks for deciding to come hang with us through video! Below you will find links to area based video calls. Please find the area you go to school in. The video call will last from 3pm-3:40pm. Your mic will be muted once you get into the group. Keep it muted until asked to unmute.

Here are the rules to the video call:

  • ​Wear appropriate clothing...we know you're home, but please put some clothes on...

  • Only 1 person talks at a time. It can get tricky doing this online, but please be respectful.

  • If you are asked to mute your mic...then mute your mic. Don't ruin it for everyone else. Also, please do not have music playing while your mic is on. It throws off the sound.

  • There is a chat feature where you can type your questions in and interact with others. This is especially helpful if your video/mic isn't working!

  • You can be removed if you are too much of a distraction. We don't want to, but we will if needed.

  • Finally, have fun, engage, answer/ask questions!


St. Clair & Sanilac County Schools

Port Huron Area Schools, Croslex & Yale

Marysville & St. Clair

New Life & Landmark

Macomb County Schools

New Haven Schools

Anchor Bay

L'anse Creuse Schools

Utica Schools & Romeo

Chippewa Valley

Armada & Richmond