In person gatherings will resume in June with a limit of 10 people(8 Students, 2 Leaders) We are hoping to be able to meet with 25 starting in July. St. Clair County will have gatherings on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Macomb County will have gatherings on Thursdays. Our July schedule is below. Due to the evolving nature of this pandemic, events are subject to change. At this time, there are no plans to reschedule due to the event of a storm or other outdoor issue. If there is an outdoor issue the gathering for that day will be cancelled. Remind messages will be sent out and posts on social media will be made. Participants will need to fill out our new waiver for the Summer even if they have completed one previously. To keep everyone safe, we reserve the right to not allow someone to participate if they do not have a new waiver filled out or if they refuse our safety protocols. The good news is that the waiver is online, so it's very easy for you to fill out! Click the button below to be taken to the waiver. You MUST also register for an event if you are going to attend.

St. Clair County Schedule​

  • July 9th- Party at Jesse’s 6-8pm

  • July 14th- Bike Ride Wadhams/Avoca Trail 12-2pm

  • July 16th- Party at Jesse’s 6-8pm

  • July 21st- Beach Day at Lakeside 12-2pm

  • July 23rd- Party at Jesse’s 6-8pm

  • July 28th- Beach Day at Lakeside 12-2pm

  • July 30th- Party at Jesse’s 6-8pm

  • August 4th-Beach Day at Lakeside 12-2pm

  • August 6th- Party at Jesse’s Movie Night 830-1030pm

  • August 11th- Beach Day 12-2pm

  • August 13th- Party at Jesse’s 6-8pm

Macomb County Schedule​

  • July 9th- Party @ Bethel 6-8pm

  • July 16th- Macomb Party @ Burke Park 6-8pm

  • July 23rd- Macomb Party at Shelby Bible Church 6-8pm

  • July 30th- Macomb Party at Stoney Creek Metropark 6-8pm

  • August 6th- Macomb: Movie night at Lighthouse Church

  • August 13th- Party at Jesse’s 6-8pm